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What to do BEFORE you outsource software development to a technology partner

When companies outsource software development to a technology partner, it can bring with it a number of challenges. But with good internal planning, you and your team can expect a smooth onboarding & development process. 

Because there are plenty of “rabbit holes” to look out for, and they are all very, very expensive should you drop into them, having a roadmap for the development journey is critical to reaching the desired destination. This is one of the reasons it is important to forge a development relationship with a company like Asinpa.

Preparation Saves Time and Money

The software development experts at Asinpa have been valuable partners for companies in every business sector for many years. This experience has taught them the value of the preparation phase of every assignment.

Company founder and CEO, Gustavo (Tavo) Vasconcelos notes, “Proper preparation for the outsourcing process is important to save time and money. As with almost everything, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do this.

“When a clear, concise understanding of objectives, scope, budget, timelines, and ongoing project communication is mutually agreed upon by the enterprise and outsourcing consultants, misunderstandings and wasted resources are avoided. Moreover, a company that has prepared for this outsourcing process is likely to get better deals with nearshore development teams such as ours.

“It has been noted many times that ‘not every software development team is created equal and not every company is a good fit for outsourcing.’ Having a checklist is an excellent way to keep track of the most important points of the entire outsourcing process. Simple “bullet points” of crucial details is an easy and convenient way to ensure that no steps are missed when preparing to outsource software development.

Get this Checklist Before You Outsource Software Development

“There are many reasons a checklist can help with planning a software development outsource,” Tavo said. “For example, it’s important for a company to understand WHY it wants to outsource software development. Is it because internal resources are insufficient and client wants to create the right elasticity or because the client wants to take advantage of new technology that Asinpa can supply.? Having answers to these questions before beginning your search and planning internally enables a company to manage its expectations and prepare for success with the right development partner.

“Another important consideration that should be on every outsourcing checklist is to define the goals of the project and the scope of work. What is the expected outcome at the end of the project? What is included in the scope of the project? This will help manage ‘scope creep’ and misunderstandings later in the project.

“There are several other questions that a company preparing for outsourcing software development should consider, and we have compiled them in a comprehensive checklist. It’s free to download. Just click here.

Know Where You’re Going

Outsourcing software development is a “tried and true” way to increase efficiency and gain access to the latest technology. However, without a planning checklist, crucial missteps can occur and these can waste valuable time and money.

Have a software development project that you are considering outsourcing? Download this checklist and contact Asinpa for additional information. When you know where you’re going, you will more likely get there. We can help.