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We help clients create digital transformation strategies to maximize their best-in-class products or services. Our experienced Technology Strategists partner with you to define and execute a custom strategy that maximizes business performance.

Built on over 80 years of experience, we believe that each relationship is unique, and tailor our Consulting Services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

  • With technical expertise that includes the internet of things (IOT), machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud architecture, and tech automation, Asinpa helps build the technical foundation for the future.
  • Our digital transformation strategies help clients transform manual work into fully automated workflows to achieve the most out of your resources.

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

  • Agile transformation is not just limited to the IT department; it often extends to various business functions, including marketing, human resources, and beyond, creating a more responsive and adaptive organization.
  • We guide our clients through the cultural shift that Agile transformation requires to achieve a repeatable and predictable state.
  • Our Agile development models help your organization embrace change to fully transform teams and business models.
  • You can start with a small project, identify a pilot, and evolve across your enterprise to create maximum impact and a solid ROI.

Platform Modernization

Platform Modernization

Cloud migration is now a part of every technology strategy. We can help your organization migrate:
  • Backoffice Applications
  • Client Facing Applications
  • Desktops
  • Data
  • Infrastructure
Enterprise technology strategies must include risk analysis of platform modernization.
  • Our strategy team can help you objectively evaluate the most effective execution approach. (what stays, what goes first, etc.)
  • We proactively communicate at every step of the process, ensuring your team is informed and prepared to answer questions from the executive team.

Tech Strategy

#Energy | #PlatformModernization

Our client provides energy efficiency to small and medium-sized businesses.  They serve in 46 states across the US and have done more than 125,000 projects by leveraging their technology solutions and rich network of contractors.

They needed to replatform their Energy Efficiency Sales and Construction Management Platform in order to scale with the rapid growth of the company, meet consumer expectations with a modern solution, and provide flexibility to adjust business processes and rules that vary from state to state.

Over a period of three years, Asinpa helped with digital transformation and replatform of multiple solutions. Their new Energy Efficiency Sales and Construction Management Platform evolved to become a highly-scalable system as well as a mobile enabled application that had specific tailored functionality for the onsite audits. Additional capabilities delivered include: dashboard reporting, task management, order management, and integrations with other internal systems.

Tech Stack: .NET MVC, SQL Server, SignalR, Appcelerator, Xamarin

Your committed partner for software customization & technology strategy.

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