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Three Strategies to Fast Track Your Career as an IT Consultant

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and so are the IT careers sought after by millions of graduates in North American and abroad. One of the professional challenges of a degree in technology is relevancy – how to stay abreast of the latest technology trends. 

In addition, as college graduates enter the workforce, most set ambitious career goals. According to a study by InsideOut Development, 60% of college graduates have aspirations of being a manager as quickly as possible. 

This balance of aspirational career goals with the dynamic nature of technology can be at odds, as young leaders can get trapped in technology maintenance roles or legacy software development initiatives. Many IT professionals say they would go all-out to land the best jobs yet struggle to find innovative organizations that will ensure they stay abreast on the last technology trends, while supporting their leadership aspirations.  

Meanwhile the technology job market remains strong, with the unemployment rate dropping to a figure not seen since 1969 (to 3.4%, from 3.5% a month earlier). Among industries, the highest volumes of job postings for tech positions were reported in the professional, scientific, and technical services (40,712), finance and insurance (30,576) and manufacturing (24,269) sectors. 

IT employees, managers and tech recruiters acknowledge that, yes, there are lots of job openings, but they also report that not all positions are created equal. Some jobs offer more prestige and pay while other positions are well-suited to serve as stepping-stones to leadership opportunities.  

Fast Company reports that being ambitious is great, but emerging leaders should consider a career strategy that delivers both short-term financial success, as well as longer term leadership development opportunities.   

For IT graduates looking to balance career success with exposure to digital transformation strategies, a career as an IT Consultant is a great option.  

“In addition to being exposed to a wide variety of industries and technologies, IT Consulting offers flexible work options as well as the opportunity to discover your passions,” Asinpa CEO Gustavo Vasconcelos said.  

“Our team members have a strong ability to self-manage and work independently. They also thrive on learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others​ ​via our Asinpa-University pathway​​.” He added. 

Indeed’s Career Guide described the role this way: “An IT consultant is a professional who provides support, training and consultation services regarding computer software, database systems and network hardware to individuals and companies.” Businesses need the assistance of an IT consultant to improve business performance, build new systems or create new products or competitive offerings. 

“Our clients depend on us to both think, as well as execute,” Vasconcelos said. “So we hire smart developers​, top 5%,​ and train them how to lead projects and develop innovative strategies for clients.”  

The Asinpa Leadership Team recommends three strategies to accelerate an IT career.  

  1. Stay Hungry: Successful IT Consultants are both ambitious as well as driven to succeed. If they are curious about something, they find a way to learn it.  
  1. Be Disciplined: Just like professional athletes, successful IT Consultants are disciplined. They want to be their best, so they prepare for client projects systematically and work to motivate their team to maximize results. This determined sense of responsibility is what sets successful IT Consultants apart from typical programmers.  
  1. Become Better: The Asinpa team ​also noted ​​knows ​that successful IT Consultants balance character with a commitment to self-improvement as well as a desire to help others, through communication, collaboration and a champion mindset. 

“IT Consulting isn’t for everyone. We hire the best of the best, and look for leaders who can self-manage their projects, as well maximize our Leadership Development System,” Vasconcelos said.  

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