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As your Partner for Custom Software Solutions, we are driven to provide the latest insights, tools, and resources to empower the digital transformation of leading companies. Get the latest research, insights, and whitepapers on the power of Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration, Software Development, Enterprise Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, HCM Technology, Nearshore Software Development and Mobile Computing.


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2021 HCM Trends and Predictions

Today, HCM leaders are responding to our current disruption and recovery by assessing and
deploying constant HR processes. Here are the Predictions for 2021 HCM Technology Transformation…

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This is An HR Transformation event

Meet us in FL for an HR Transformation event and network back with colleagues after a long pandemic drought! We will be covering key successes for HCM transformation, and some lessons learned. We will also draw copies of Dr. Wade’s Larson latest book “HR 3.0” so you can take something home. Click here for details. So join our own Mario Orellana, Dr. Wade Larson and Buddy Kresge for a fun yes educational time at the beach

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