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Digital Transformation – HCM

No matter the business you are in, technology is playing a central role in all sectors. If you don’t catch up with the global digitization pace, no matter how hard you work, you will face a company’s worst nightmare: failing to keep up with your competitors and be possibly left behind.

Organizations worldwide are responding to the current pandemic disruption and recovery by assessing and deploying continuous HR processes and a full re-entry plan post COVID-19. Application leaders transforming HCM must prioritize investments in workforce management and planning, contingent labor tools and learning to meet stakeholder expectations.

To compete with big industry players, enterprises are always looking for methods and tools to optimize their operations in ways that cut their costs and enhance their efficiency. The best-known solution is to convert all manual and physical processes to digital.

Thankfully, all businesses and sectors are embracing technology and moving to digital platforms. Today, everything is digitized – from finance to procurement and from marketing to sales. In fact, you can find a tailor-made software for each specific job.

One particular department which was often ignored and continuously overlooked – human resources – is now vigorously reformed, intensively developed, and fully digitized. The general term for the practice of these policies is HCM – Human Capital Management.

Recent Key Findings (Gartner 2020/2021)

  • Organizations are increasingly deploying continuous detection, track and trace, and risk mitigation processes to minimize the organizational and health impacts of COVID-19.
  • The increased need for business agility during pandemic response and recovery has shifted the cadence of business planning cycles for many organizations from years to quarters, or even months.
  • Contingent labor usage is increasing across most enterprises due to their need to quickly address availability and skills gaps without the risk and commitment associated with hiring full-time positions.
  • Employee-focused performance, coaching, engagement, learning and development processes are evolving to support more informal and fluid interactions.


  • Determine what value detection, track and trace, and risk mitigation tools offer beyond the short term. Set a flexible timeline based on progress against COVID-19 to decommission tools that no longer serve a purpose.
  • Evaluate the strategic workforce planning proficiencies of point solutions and consultancies, along with those delivered by their existing HCM suite. Prioritize open architecture and integration features, as it may be necessary to combine several solutions (particularly early on) to fully meet requirements.
  • Collaborate with HR, procurement and operations leaders to determine ownership of contingent labor strategy and craft a vision for total workforce management. Evaluate any necessary solutions for the vendor’s vision for supporting a composable applications architecture.
  • Measure the future needs of the business and desired employee skill sets, and begin investing in experiential learning tools. Embed learning assets in an employee’s daily activities to maximize knowledge retention.

Need of the Hour

COVID‐19 has hit every industry and shaken businesses to their core. Businesses are in turmoil as organizations are challenged with situations and difficulties they have never faced before.

The pandemic has affected businesses in many ways.  For the majority of businesses, it has changed the work experience for a vast majority of the workforce. People and organizations are getting used to the “new normal” as more and more people have started to work from home.

This sudden shift in work experience has put the Human Resource managers in the driving seats of their companies. With many employees working remotely, it’s never been more important to have a system and a set of practices to manage them.  As a result, many organizations have responded by investing in workforce management and planning.

Organizations are trying to improve on a number of fronts:

  • Moving all HR systems online (Administrative tasks, payroll, etc.).
  • Continuously accessing and analyzing their workforce requirements and keeping them at a bare minimum.
  • Instead of hiring full-time employees, organizations are actively outsourcing, and contingent labor usage has increased manifolds.

In these challenging times, organizations are on the lookout for ways to cut costs and enhance the efficiency of their workforce. Maintaining an in-house and dedicated HR department is time-consuming and costly. Therefore most companies are outsourcing HR and payroll to HCM companies.

These HCM companies use software to handle all employee-related tasks efficiently. A fully featured software would save time, increase efficiency, and help meet the organization’s workforce goals.

This is where we, Asinpa, can lend a helping hand to HCM companies and the organizations looking to get their hands on the best HCM software.

How Can Asinpa Help your HCM Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is all the rage and buzz these days. Unfortunately, it’s also not easy. Companies understand they need to modernize and embrace new technology, but they’re not sure what the new HCM tools in the market today can actually do or how to implement them in a way that makes sense for their business. And even after clearing those obstacles, they struggle with the technology adoption that requires employees to change old work habits and use what’s been put in place.

The good news is that most organizations already have the skills to address digital challenges: They just need to rally and focus the right resources. Improvement functions like process and knowledge management—along with likeminded colleagues in newly emerging digital offices—can help bring clarity, direction, and cohesion to digital initiatives.

Stakeholders in these groups also have extensive experience with change management, which can help the organization convey the value proposition for technology adoption and give employees targeted reasons to get on board.

Asinpa’s core transformation methodology addresses three key models and concepts that help organizations address the common roadblocks to digital success:

  • Architect & Trailblazer – uses business analysis, process and knowledge mapping, and gap analysis to understand the current state and identify best fit solutions to achieve the future state.
  • Interpreter – bridges the communication gap between the business and IT so that technical solutions support business goals and needs.
  • Change Agent – drives cultural shifts and the adoption of new behaviors through change management and soft skills (e.g., active listening and communications).

We are Asinpa, an enterprise-level company with a team of experienced functional and technical HCM resources. Our clients range from manufacturing to real estate and from insurance to energy.

Our extensive knowledge and sound experience in HCM puts us in a favorable position to help clients overcome their crucial challenges associated with workforce management and efficiency. 

We design and develop customer software depending upon your requirements about HR, taxes, payroll, attendance, and most importantly, your organization’s current and future needs. 

Whether you need to access the software online or you want it installed at your premises, our engineers will go to all lengths and work as per your preferences.

Why Us?

The right development team can change everything for a business. Our team has expert software engineers from diverse backgrounds who are all about software development, value addition, and problem-solving.

Each team member tries to go above and beyond to identify your business and software needs and then works tirelessly to get the job done. Some of the best reasons to work with us are:

  • Our certified software engineers design custom software and cloud solutions for all your HCM needs.
  • We are extremely affordable and guarantee the highest quality of work
  • Our bilingual customer support team is always available and ready to help.