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Tavo Vasconcelos

Ascend 2021

Meet us in FL for an HR Transformation event and network back with colleagues after a long pandemic drought! We will be covering key successes for HCM transformation, and some lessons learned. We will also draw copies of Dr. Wade’s Larson latest book “HR 3.0” so you can take something home. Click here for details. So join our own Mario Orellana, Dr. Wade Larson and Buddy Kresge for a fun yes educational time at the beach

Why México is your Best Choice for Nearshoring

Why Mexico is your Best Choice for Nearshoring Nearshoring to Mexico is an emerging trend, particularly among U.S. companies with budget-friendly preferences for their operations. There’s more than one reason for that, but first, let us understand nearshoring. For those who are not aware, nearshoring means transferring business operations to a nearby country rather than …

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